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Is there something on the lab report that would indicate usage of Hydrocodone? Is your husband taking hydrocodone with a prescription?

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These cross reactions can make some drug tests for hydrocodone unreliable.

This is why many testing centers screen exclusively for hydrocodone in the urine and have specific procedures for follow up testing.

Drugs have certain detection windows, or amounts of time that they are detected in your system after you take them.

These detection times are general estimations of ingestion and evidence drug use and usually do not determine amount or chronic use of a drug like hydrocodone.

Most cutoff levels are expressed in nanograms per milliliter (ng/ML).

In lab test results of 10-panel urine drug screen for the U. government, for example, opiates such as hydrocodone have cutoff levels of: Several drugs and substances cross react in drug tests for opiates such as NSAIDs efavirenz, chlorpromazine, rifampin, fluoroquinolones, dextromentheorphan or even poppy seeds and quinine in tonic water.

It is possible that medical or other reasons may influence your drug test result such as recent surgery, medications or medical discharge.

In fact, doctors should always look for a medically acceptable reason for the result and make clinical determinations on more information than a single test result.

Drug testing determines the positive or negative presence of a specified amount of a drug or its metabolite in urine, blood or an alternative specimen.