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Www crazysexydating com

There was certainly a huge void somewhere within my being that would allow this girl to fill it and have so much leeway to maneuver around it with such reckless abandon.

It doesn’t matter how soon she blurts out “I love you” or how often she breaks and enters into his home. I did some research to find out just why men seem to love crazy women so much. D., a sexual psychologist and founder of the Liberos Center, which conducts research through brain stimulation, indicated in an email interview with Elite Daily that men fear rejection less when with mentally unstable women.

But why didn't I run away earlier in the game before things reached a boiling point?

Why was I so drawn to this insane woman who was sucking so much life out of me?

The fact that I knew I had someone in my corner who “loved me” and would stand by me no matter what I did gave me a sort of false sense of security.