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Whos bow wow dating

The date was set for a Saturday night, she told him I was in Chicago and would not be back untill Sunday so she would pick him up and they could come back to our house.

I told her that was cool and asked her if she had the chance would she fuck him, being a bit drunk she opened up and did not say yes but did not say no.

I for some reason found myself rock hard and kept after her to admit to me she would like to fuck him. She told me he did not work there anymore but could try to find out his last name and phone number.

So as I drove I could think about what might be happening with my wife.

After an hour I was so fucking horny, I knew that they must be getting horny together by then, I was thinking of that short hot dress and if he had his hands under it.

I thought of the nice pink and white panties she had on and how much he would enjoy seeing them.

I thought of her laying on top of him she like to be on top.

The panties had a cute little pink bow in the front.

He undressed to his short boxers and they layed down on the bed and began making out and rubbing each other.

She said he tried to act like he had been with many woman before but she could tell he had probably only been with his girlfriend ( he had told her on the phone he had a girlfriend).

When they got to our house my wife got them a beer and they sat on the couch, she said he was to shy to make any moves so they sat and sat, finaly after about 20 minutes my wife put her leg over his ( oh yeah and i bet he started to throb with that) she said with that he started to kiss her and get his hand on her legs and up her dress.

Sex with a Younger Man - My wife's first fuck was one year after we got married, we were drinking a few beers one night and for some reason ( not sure why now) I wanted to tell her about an older woman at work that was so hot. Then for some reason I asked her if there was anyone she had thoughts about.