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Who is myley cyrus dating

The publication also fueled rumours the couple were preparing for a child, speaking to a local furniture store about Miley browsing nursery items.

The 24-year-old entertainer – who will be turning 25 on Thursday (November 23) – took to Instagram on the night before her birthday to share a photo of one of her gifts from husband-to-be Liam Hemsworth.

NW magazine recently claimed the couple are renovating the singer's Tennessee home to be more family-friendly.

A neighbour, Stevey Joy, was even quoted as saying: 'This is a great place for Miley to start a family.'If Miley and Liam do settle in America, they will be bucking the family trend as Chris and Elsa relocated to Byron Bay in 2014.

'They've wanted a baby for ages, but the timing was never right,' a family friend of the Hemsworth's allegedly revealed.'But now they feel as ready as they'll ever be,' the 'source' continued.