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Who is lloyd dating the singer

His approach to the science of music (to which his patents attest) and the acoustical properties of the instruments he created, bear no equal.

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Like Lloyd, Madelon was interested in music, and both she and Lloyd were influenced by their father. Lloyd’s father, George, was born near Waynesburg, Pennsylvania and moved to Fairbury, Illinois, another small farming town nine miles north of Cropsey when he was nine years old. George was the postmaster of Cropsey; a job which left him with sufficient time to be a partner in Loar and Hayward, druggists.

) Possibly even more important is that this was an keyboard whose design was decades ahead of its time.

By 1906, when Lloyd was just 20 years of age, he was performing skillfully and professionally on Gibson mandolins in both solo and concert settings, and he was equally proficient on piano, violin, viola, and mandola.

He was the leader of the Oberlin Mandolin Club for two years, and from 1906 to 1910 he performed in concert under the management of the Chicago Musical Bureau In 1918, when he was in Europe to work as a concert entertainer for the American Expeditionary Forces (AEF) in support of the war effort, Loar studied under Monsieur Paul Vidal, Professor of Composition at the National Conservatory of Music (Paris), and he attended the National Institute of Radio Engineering in Paris.

Lloyd continued his education at the Chicago Musical College in the second and third ten-week sessions of the 1919-1920 school year studying Harmony with Louis Victor Saar, and composition with Felix Borowski (then president of the Chicago Musical College).