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Were jason and molly dating

But I was worried that the reveal of Jason’s murderer wouldn’t meet my expectations.

This isn’t the kind of exhilarating and fun episode that quickly fades from memory.

By exploring the fractures within these families it’s able to be emotionally impactful too.

It’s also been pretty easy to figure out that FP was just a red herring.

That leaves Jughead without any adult figure to turn to.

If FP confessing to murder wasn’t bad enough Jughead actually calls his mother in hopes of staying with her in Toledo for a while only to be told in no uncertain terms he can’t.

I guess FP isn’t the only disappointing parent Jughead has to deal with. He even jokes to Archie and Mary in his typically droll manner that at least his father is an “honest murderer”.

But once he visits FP in jail he realizes his father is lying about the murder.