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Or, if you have not yet created an account, go ahead and create one from the .

We will also look at how to customize the login control's appearance and behavior. For web sites that use forms authentication, a user logs on to the website by visiting a login page and entering their credentials.

method, and then examined using the Create User Wizard Web control.

However, the login page currently validates the supplied credentials against a hard-coded list of username and password pairs.

We will examine creating administrative interfaces for accomplishing common user account- and role-related tasks in a future tutorial.

method is that when the supplied credentials are invalid, it does not provide any explanation as to why.

Through brute force, such a program might be able to stumble upon a user's password, especially if the password is weak.

To prevent such brute force attacks, the Membership framework locks out a user if there are a certain number of unsuccessful login attempts within a certain period of time.

Figure 2: Comment Out the Existing Declarative Markup and Source Code in .