Start Updating bios with a thumb drive

Updating bios with a thumb drive

I have a few HPE Pro Liant SL4540 Gen 8 servers that have a hardware RAID controller (HP Dynamic Smart Array B120i SATA RAID) that manages the two node hard disks.

If you are on a Linux host, create the driver software using the following commands (warning: existing data on thumbdrive will be lost!

This post lists the steps to get the installer to load the RAID controller to recognize the RAID 1 logical drive array.

Technically, the steps listed here should work for installations with different RAID controllers – simply use their corresponding drivers. First section is a list of the steps to be done, and second section is the output of the command line during the driver installation.

Locate your thumb drive (ideally by the label), and key in the number on the left.

Expand the driver disk ISO file (there should only be one), to see a list of drivers to install.

Update 5-4-2016, these steps may be simpler and more up to date: Article mentions using Life Cycle repair package to update i DRAC and Life Cycle controller before updating all firmwares, here is newest version of LCC Repair I could find: Details?

driver Id=80XJ1 However I think the following steps could be easier to update the i DRAC and Life Cycle controller: Note: I choose linux for OS so that creates a bootable repository that I will use to update an ESXi Host).

How to use the ASUS Republic of Gamers USB BIOS flash back The minimum hardware requirements for USB BIOS flash back is to have a Motherboard with ATX Power Supply on and plugged into the wall.