Start True cheaters dating site

True cheaters dating site

While my cheaters began to attract attention on OKCupid, I thought I’d shift my focus to the victims of cheating.

They were just potential targets for people who would like to lure them back into the dating pool - preferably naked.

This group of angels would serve as my control group. This category would give me a benchmark to compare the other categories to once the experiment was in full swing.

Maybe there are just a lot more women on Twitter than men, though.

I checked it out and apparently 59% of Twitter users are female, so although there are more, they don’t outnumber guys enough to account for the results above.

In fact, the very first line of their profiles blatantly announced their immoral objectives and sexual compulsions. You’d think such a ridiculously out there introduction to a profile would immediately cast it into the deepest pit of online dating hell.

You’d think no one in their right mind would send a message to its owner. The rest of the profile was much less sociopathic, talking about work, hobbies, and the usual jazz.

It wasn’t the first time I’d done it: about a year before, I’d created 10 accounts, five male and five female, to test whether women have an easier time dating online than men. This time, my fictitious daters weren’t listed as single: they were all married or ‘seeing someone.’ And they weren’t on the site to simply date: they were there because they wanted to cheat.