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Speed dating nepa

My fellow Board Director (born and raised in NEPA) told me that Moosic was known to many as the demilitarized zone (akin to the DMZ once separating North and South Vietnam) serving as the invisible wall/dividing line between two “warring factions” (Wilkes-Barrians & Scrantonites) who historically didn’t agree on much, nor would they ever seek opportunities for collaboration or helping one another. endocentrism colliding with the classic silo mentality.

After seven years of being guests, we acquired a very special piece of property and built our mountain retreat.

Broadly investing in the arts and the creative economy will attract highly-talented people and active investors.

We must ensure that the top scientific, technical, business and creative talent are generating spin-off companies, expanding and attracting firms to our region.

I wanted the name to define us and our region in some meaningful way.

In the end, I drew a 40-mile radius centered on the shores of Lake Wallenpaupack.

I envision Radius40 to be the cornerstone in the creation of NEPA’s newly woven collaborative mindset, while leading the charge for positive change, economic growth, diversity and prosperity.” How will Radius40 drive economic change?

“Radius40’s mission is to stem (then reverse) the tide of Northeast Pennsylvania’s sluggish economy and arrest the severe “brain drain” where many of our best and brightest young people have all too often found it necessary to take flight from NEPA in search of opportunity, and to live and work elsewhere.

As a region, we must embrace the core drivers of technology, talent and tolerance to harness, unleash and propel real, meaningful and sustainable economic growth in the region.