Start Senior dating matchmaking system

Senior dating matchmaking system

The website mirrors social media tools making it easy and intuitive to navigate, even if you are not used to the internet.

Visit Zoosk If you have Facebook or Google , there is a one-click-sign-up option available to link your information from social media.

If not, it is still quick and easy to become a member of Zoosk by using an existing email address.

Although it cannot be skipped until later, Zoosk will not be asking you dozens of personal questions or suggesting you fill in questionnaires or compatibility tests in order to find matches for you.

Instead, Zoosk uses Behavioral Matchmaking, a unique trademarked system where they learn from your own behavior on the website to create an understanding of what you are looking for.

This clever model means that you do not need to anything more than press like or dismiss on the suggested matches, updated daily, and your user experience should improve naturally and with speed.

This should be easy to track, especially considering once a day you will be shown a Smart Pick, which is a profile that Zoosk feels confident you will have compatibility with.

These include mobile compatibility with the Zoosk mobile or messenger apps for added accessibility on the go, as well as a unique Zoosk currency.

Zoosk allows you to buy or earn coins by completing tasks, such as ‘liking’ the website on Facebook.

Any activity you do on the website will improve your chances of being suggested compatible users as matches.

Once you have found a user who takes your interest, it is simple to message him/her privately and see if there is chemistry between you.

Unique to any other dating website, Zoosk allow you to take a seven second video of yourself, upload it to a real life staff member who will compare it to your profile photos to prove you are who you say.