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They are finished with paint, stain, and/or polyurethane. Continue Reading → I found an old fire extinguisher in my grandfather’s garage after he passed away, and decided to turn it into a lamp.

Continue Reading → My two boys are always losing their cub scout neckerchief slides, so I decided to make them some new ones. Continue Reading → On the trip to Hawaii, I also stopped over at a native/exotic wood store, Aloha Woods, ( and shipped home some fun specimens to use in later projects.

I could work in my garage without moving cars anything else. Currently, my two car garage (which only fits one car) is also my workshop, so I…

Continue Reading → With the holidays just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to make some rustic napkin rings for Thanksgiving Dinner and other holiday festivities.

I used to make a bunch of plastic models as a kid, but haven’t done a wooden model before. When our basement flooded last summer, it ruined some of the furniture, one of which was…

Continue Reading → One of my wife’s biggest pet peeves is figuring out what is for dinner, just to have the kids turn up their noses.

Continue Reading → I recently had the opportunity to visit Sutter Mill in California where the California Gold Rush started in 1849.

There are a few original buildings, lots of interesting displays and a visitors center as well. Continue Reading → I recently had the chance to take my family on a vacation to California.

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