Start Postdating check illegal ny

Postdating check illegal ny

Thank you very much, Joe In my instance I had a dog that was vommitting for nearly 24 hrs and so I sent my boyfriend to the vet with the dog and a blank check since I had to go to work.

Is this statement true and can a person actually be criminally prosecuted in NY State for bouncing a post dated check? My goal is to provide you with the information you seek.

In order for one to avoid criminal liability by issuing a post-dated bad "check," the person receiving the "check" must have had notice that the check was post-dated.

For example, if John writes a check (knowing that he does not have any money in the count and won't get paid until the next month) on January 1st and post-dates it to January 5th, but does not deliver it to Bob until January 5th, then Bob has no notice that this was a post dated check at the time it was written and therefor John may be held criminally liable.

However, if John post dated the check to Jan 21st, delivered it on the 5th, and Bob saw that it was post-dated, then John could not be convicted of a crime.

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