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Established in 2007, Du is an integrated telecommunications provider formed by a paid-up capital of USD 1.1 billion which offers voice, data and entertainment on mobile networks and converged broadband, TV, and landline services.11 Competition in the broadband Internet market is limited because the two ISPs still do not share each other’s networks, and Du is still unable to offer broadband Internet or landline telephone services outside of a handful of property developments in Dubai where it owns the physical telephone network.12 Because Etisalat has been the sole telecom company for 30 years, it owns the national telephone network, based on both copper wire and new fiber-optic cables.13 In an effort to increase the number of visitors to Arabic Web sites and promote and strengthen the UAE's identity, in March 2009 the UAE’s Ministerial Council for Services approved a proposal by the TRA to put the UAE country code top-level domain in Arabic (Emarat).

Similarly, there are 10 articles which talk about penalties and punishments.”16 International advocacy groups have also expressed concerns over the draft law.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) says the pending draft law unlawfully restricts free expression and will unduly interfere with the media's ability to report on sensitive subjects, and that it includes provisions that would grant the government virtually complete control in deciding who is allowed to work as a journalist, as well as which media organizations are allowed to operate in the country.

Several violating cafés were referred to the public prosecution for investigation.27 The authorities have established committees and electronic surveillance departments to monitor objectionable Internet activities.

For example, a government committee was established in March 2009 to monitor Internet cafés in order to ensure that Internet connections in these cafés do not bypass filtering regimes set up by the two national ISPs as per the regulations of the TRA.

The government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) censors political and religious content and pervasively filters Web sites that contain pornography or content relating to alcohol and drug use, gay and lesbian issues, or online dating or gambling.

Online privacy and circumvention tools, as well as some sites belonging to Nazis or historical revisionists, are blocked.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a federation of seven emirates formed in 1971 after independence from Britain.