Start No email needed fuckbuddy date

No email needed fuckbuddy date

Even hung straight men brag to gay men about their penis size.

I am fairly monogamous.[/bold][/italic][quote]They fawn over me, hang all over me, and all they want is my penis.

They don't give a flying shit about ME as a person. Now imagine losing all the fawning, hanging, and want/desire. And honestly I'd take yours ANY fucking day of the week.

I take a virgin and turn him into a prolapsed-holed whore.

I bareback only, so don't even bother with the latex, bitch. I was teased about my size all through high school and collegiate sports.

He was very embarrassed and apologized for the size (MARY! I have to admit it was a bit daunting but I got used to it (DOUBLE MARY! He looked like those Pompeii frescos of the god Priapus. Oh, but for the record, Scott O'Hara's body was better: the most voluptuous youth I've ever seen: his amazing melon arse undulated when he walked, and was even more riveting, if that's possible, than his cock.

The first time I saw him in the street was a block away, and even at that distance it was enough to make me say "WHO the fuck is THAT! Unfortunately poz too, and secretive and manipulative like most trustafarians, and not least a very lost boy.[italic]OP[italic], ignore the posts here. After the inevitable response (gasp, laugh, "wow," another laugh) I get to hear, "What am I supposed to do with that???

Yes, there is nothing more embarassing than people finding out you have a big cock...eyeroll There are guys who worry endlessly about showing a bulge, because some people might see it and think they are aroused and might judge them as a pervert.

But at the end of the day every guy enjoys having a big cock, even if they complain about it they would never want to trade. There is a blind guy who swims at the same time I do.

It's like women with enormous breasts, which are a terrible problem.

Except in our case it's the impossible matter of sexually performing with the hugeness. People cleared their throats and looked down at the floor.

Yeah, I know all about people who can take anything. I have relationships and sexual partnerships with people I like and know. Actually (this is the truth) was this fall when an elderly cousin I was visiting, in front of a group of "country" relatives I don't know well, turned to me and said, "I'll never forget seeing you as a baby for the first time. I wasn't aware of being unusual as a child or prepubescent kid. I told my father and he just laughed and said one day I would understand it was a compliment.