Start Native american burial sites dating back 5 000

Native american burial sites dating back 5 000

This section covered parts of what is now Ocean and Burlington Counties on the northern border and extended southward covering all the South Jersey counties. A group of volunteers interested in Indian artifacts and collectors themselves, serve as tour guides for the museum and are available to take school children on tours during the week if scheduled in advance by schools.

In an effort to understand life and death in one of the ancient West’s most populous regions, anthropologists conducted a landmark study of its dead, cataloging signs of violence found in burials between the Sierra Nevada and the San Francisco Bay, dating from historic times all the way back to 3000 BCE.

“Females also on occasion participated in combat with neighboring tribes and colonizers, although to a lesser degree relative to males,” Jones reported.

Indeed, rates of head trauma were only slightly less common in women than men — 4% of females, versus 5.5% of males — an observation perhaps supported by the many historic accounts of women taking up arms alongside men in the Miwok, Costanoan, and Patwin, among other groups.

“It seems that everyone wants to envision some Eden-like period in the past when there was less violence,” he said.