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Mobile girls nudist camp

"Mom and Dad said we should stick together, remember?

" "Beth, will you keep your voice down and calm down?

Kevin took his time wandering around the store, looking to see what there was.

The image of her perky little boobs and pink nipples remained burned in his brain. " "I'm helping you shop," he replied shrugging his shoulders and feigning innocence. He'd been watching the girl opposite, who'd taken to walking around with her top off and her bedroom light on. Somehow, doing it in front of his sister added an extra thrill. " "There's no one around; but if you're that worried, why don't you keep watch while I finish? " She stayed with her back to him, looking up and down the path for any other campers approaching, while Kevin continued to jerk off, now using both hands on his dick. God, if she went nude, he really would have some whack-off material. " she said, turning 'round just as the first spurt of cum erupted from his dick and splashed on the path, followed by an even bigger jet that actually splattered on her leg, before several more jets squirted onto the ground, finally reducing to a dribble.

Finally this story is based very heavily on a similar one I read some time ago, I don't remember the name or the story or the author but I hope they forgive me borrowing their premise and re-booting it. Some family vacation this is going to turn out to be. "Well, they're both eighteen now; and we said we'd take them there one day." "One day, but we didn't say on this trip. The RV was spacious enough; but being trapped with her bratty brother made anywhere feel confined. " He glowered, but closed his laptop; so he could sit forward and hear his mom. There is a camp that's a little off the beaten trail we could probably get into; but, well, there's something you should know first." "What's to know? "Look Beth, if you're not comfortable, we won't go. I've told you it is not appropriate to speak to your bother like that. Are you sure you don't want a chance to settle in first? The idea he could now actually do that, apart from jerking off, was too good to be true.

Roger had been a rugged athlete in high school and didn't say a great deal, which led many to assume he was lacking in brains. Kevin had discarded his lap top; and was eagerly looking out the window. As she walked, her ass swayed; and he couldn't help but admire the view.

In fact, he was smarter than many gave him credit for. I was just thinking Camp Sunshine isn't far from here. Initially, they passed some older couples fully dressed; but after a few minutes his patience was rewarded, as he saw a trio of girls a little older than himself, all naked. " He couldn't believe his eyes as he was able to check out 3 pairs of naked tits. Kevin's being a perv and looking at naked girls out the window! It was getting late, so there weren't many other campers around.

She was studying the packet of food in her hand so intently, she didn't notice him approach, until she became aware of something rubbing up against her forearm. I'm telling Mom and dad about this when we get back; and you are going to be SO grounded!! Guess you'll be keeping me company then, when I tell them about your party last Saturday." "What? Getting some blackmail dope on his sister had been an extra bonus. You look like some pervert walking around like that." "Oh, OK." Kevin reached down and started stroking his cock, running his hand up and down the thick long shaft of his cock, and massaging the head. He wondered if his mom would get naked while they were here. He felt his cum beginning to rise as he imagined her big tits bouncing around in the open. Fuck, that would be really hot." He focused once more on his sister's cute ass and long tanned legs, felt himself beginning to cum, and pumped his cock for all he was worth. His enforced abstinence had built up a bigger amount than he had realized.