Start Listen to people on sex chatlines

Listen to people on sex chatlines

Seems there is some disagreement as to whether they're just plain phone sex lines (which I could understand) vs talking to a big group of random losers who call chat lines at 2 AM (which seems like the saddest thing ever).

I think maybe either girls got to call for free or you could only leave short messages for free, not talk one-to-one.

Anyway, the girl who was way into it actually met an older boyfriend.

It was scandalous because we knew she was underage and he wasn't.

They went out IRL for quite a while - I think he went with all of us to the prom. I wasn't on it too much because it skeeved me out a bit and I was pretty into the BBSes yet. I am guessing our parents would have shit bricks if they ever found out.

And like a modern message bord, after awhile you get to "know" the other folks, and interacting with them is more attractive than interacting with true strangers.

So there were a lot of people that developed the habit of calling at certain times of the week.

Not sure if this is the right forum - this might end up being more IMHO. Seems like it's going to be all dudes, or something, based on how they advertise (generally women in bikinis, from what I see here in Cleveland). Is that not why we have bars (and/or the internet)?