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Lesbian dating memphis tn

They didnt want anyone to have the power to tell them that they were not welcome to worship in the house of God.

That our personal relationships with God are informed by our sexual orientation but not defined by our sexual orientation.

Our legacy of the Gospel at this church is for all people, gay, straight, bisexual, transgender, and every other location on the gender spectrum.

The qualifications that he possesses through life experiences, education, being a co-leader of a congregation, leader of a congregation and being a Chaplin brings a wealth of knowledge to our faith community.

To embrace the beatitudes and work tirelessly for the new heaven and the new Earth that our holy scripture keeps pointing us towards.

So that there was a place where people could come to commune with God and each other without having to hide a part of who they were and who they loved.

We are inspired by the experience of our founders being excluded from their various faith communities to always make sure that we are a welcoming people for all people.

The dream of God as revealed through Jesus for the love of all the world.

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