Start Legislation mandating additional reductions

Legislation mandating additional reductions

That 1999 decision, filed on behalf of two Georgia women with developmental and other disabilities - Elaine Wilson and Lois Curtis, among other things, required the states to take steps to avoid the unnecessary or unjustified institutionalization of people with disabilities, mental health needs & seniors.

Denise Ducheny (Democrat - San Diego), will hold its first hearing June 3, Thursday afternoon at PM at the State Capitol in Room 4203 to begin the process of resolving any different actions taken by the Assembly and Senate on a wide range of budget issues.

An agenda for the conference committee - hundreds of pages long, was released today, including a 9 page section Focusing on human services budget issues and a 46 page section dealing with health budget issues (including Medi-Cal).

Only those budget issues where the Assembly and State Senate took DIFFERENT actions are issues on the conference committee agenda.