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Kingwood tx dating

Whether or not your spouse has an attorney, I have a strong reputation for settling cases without the need for trial.

This should be differentiated from those situations in which Mr.

Schmidt of this firm is hired NOT to represent our client as his or her attorney, but instead to act as the Houston Divorce Mediator himself in order to facilitate an agreement between two spouses and their respective Houston divorce lawyer. Your consultation will Of course, my office also deals with other types of Family Law Cases. returns and paystubs -- if your issue is "child support).

I am committed to be knowledgeable, organized and prepared, and to work diligently to get the best possible outcome.

I know what I want BEFORE I get to Court, and my "advance preparation" makes the Judge's decisions to make and, more likely, favorable to my client.

I will explain the different ways to get divorced -- for example -- and help you decide "which way to go! " There is NO insurance company to write you a big check at the end!

If you are getting divorced, the less money you spend on attorney's fees, the more money you have to divide between yourself and your spouse!

However, if conflict resolution attempts should fail, you can rely on me to be strong trial advocates at Court!