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Electrostatic detection An ESDA can be useful when attempting to date a document as it may bear impressions from other documents that give a clue as to the date on which it was written or provide a range of dates.

Comparisons of inks on different paper types will also have a bearing on the results obtained and their interpretation as will differing quantities of ink extracted and tested in which case resort to ratios is called for.

Another difficulty that is faced is that it has been found that ink, whilst still inside its reservoir, can begin to age.

Date stamps Dates on which documents have been made can be problematic, for example consider a cheque which has been date stamped and the stamp is not decipherable.

Chemical analysis of inks will cause minor changes to the document (corruption) because ink will be removed for analysis. visual and microscopic examination to assess the colour and type of pen used 2.

A study found that whilst the ink in a regularly used ballpoint pen did not show signs of ageing, that near the tip of a ballpoint pen that had not been used for several years showed considerable ageing: This was observed in three to 50 centimetres of writing depending on the brand of the pen used.

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infrared reflectance and luminescence examination to determine reflectance or absorbance of infrared light and any luminescence 3.