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How to give a friend dating advice

But, whether it’s your first or 51st date, you should always be in control of the circumstances around you.

But if you are getting a creepy vibe or something tells you this guy isn’t what he seems to be, you are probably right.

Even if you are just bored with the man who is not at all what you’re looking for, it is a woman’s prerogative to excuse herself and make an early departure.

There’s time for health issues and family matters later, once you know if he will become a part of your life.

Talk about your favorite authors, foods and travels instead.

But if you met him online or have known him briefly, and only as a suitor, you should make it a hard and fast rule to meet him at a restaurant or some other public location.

Don’t let his earnest eyes, great smile and personable charm divert you from this rule.

The first date (or second or third) is also no time to reveal sensitive financial information.

Stock holdings, bank accounts, paid off mortgages or home values are strictly off limits.

The truly skilled scammers will wait until you ask if you can invest. Do a background check on a man if you have any concerns at all, and check out any companies or investment opportunities he alludes to as well.

Make sure your cell phone is fully charged and in your purse.

He might form a poor opinion of you as a lady, or you might lose your good judgment and let things go too far.