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It was like I was living with a stranger.'But she insisted the way he did it still added necessary pain to the heartbreak.'It's very, very difficult to go from the highest of the high you can even imagine — now I know what a good marriage is supposed to be, I know what it's like when someone looks at you adoringly — and all of a sudden when that's taken away…'I said to David when he told me it was over, ''What happened?

'I was like, ''Oh my God, everyone's going to see how I've let myself go.'' So you feel crappy about yourself.'She apologized to women who are bigger than her who felt she was making too big a deal of her weight, but insisted: 'For me personally this was just a huge change.'Kelly Dodd was shown clips from the season that included her opening up about fears for her marriage to husband Michael, which also ended officially after filming finished.'It's sad because I've lived with Michael most of my whole life,' she said. We have a kid together and it's hard to see it go.'She admitted she was 'completely' separated, saying: 'I have my own place.''He started just fighting all the time, both of us.

One minute he's good, one minute he's not,' she explained, saying he was often 'jealous' and adding: 'He just wants me for himself.'But she denied rumors that Michael found out about the split from online reports, saying: 'He already knew that I filed for divorce.

Tamra, 50, initially was furious with Vicki for spreading rumors about her husband Eddie being gay.

Vicki meanwhile remained incensed that Tamra thought she was complicit in her ex-boyfriend's 'cancer scam'.'You lied, I got conned!

' asked Meghan bitterly.'I'm not damaged,' snapped Kelly, who had previously admitted she was wrong to say those things.

Kelly also asked if Meghan's husband Jim had been having affairs.'I got information,' she insisted.

Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson after an extremely protracted and bitter breakup were 'back' with BBF bracelets and 'friendship cake'.

The tearful reconciliation took place on Monday night during the second and final part of The Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion.

Meghan King Edmonds earlier in the show announced that she was just 'one month' pregnant with her second child.'I'm so happy,' she squealed.

The former model also demanded an apology from Peggy Sulahian, for 'clipping' her lips shut with her fingers 'three times'.'Don't you think you needed your lips clipped? Shannon endured a stormy season due to the breakdown of her marriage to David.

I think she'll understand that when she gets older and has her own kids — she'll understand how hard it is. That's it.'When Andy said that 'in happier news you just turned 50,' she quipped: 'Oh yeah, that's really f***ing happy' — and admitted she celebrated with a facelift.'I might want my vagina tightened like Kelly did because I pee in my pants once in a while,' she said.