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Again, you will plant your vineyards upon the mountains of Samaria and eat from your own gardens there…”How This One Woman Is Powerfully Shaping The Future Of Artificial Intelligence The Rise And Rise Of IBM, Technology Hype, And Fascination With Artificial Intelligence (AI)Palestinian president seeks Russia’s support on Jerusalem IDF OFFICIAL: RESPONSE TO FUTURE IRANIAN VIOLATIONS WILL BE MORE FORCEFULTRAINS EVERYWHERE EVERYDAY Bullet Trains Are Transforming the World’s Biggest Migration Peter Rabbit film producers apologize over allergy scene Pacific nation of Tonga braces for Cyclone Gita.

Woman who took graphic photos with dog denies most salacious claims. Or this Sam Harris Drops the Red Pill on IQ.‘Horrific murder spree’ leaves 5 dead in Kentucky: Sheriff.

These headlines are becoming more frequent…Woman Arrested For Animal Abuse After Having Oral Sex With Her Two Dogs. “This has been a horrific murder spree,” said Johnson County Sheriff Dwayne Price.

For a few hours starting next weekend, black America will exhale, something it has not done since the Republican Party chose as its presidential nominee a man who rose to national political prominence on open bigotry and 58% of white voters made him President.

For a few hours, it will be a veritable black American holiday, a kind of revival in the middle of Black History Month and the second year of the Donald Trump era..

Think that human augmentation is still decades away? This week, government leaders met with experts and innovators ahead of the World Government Summit in Dubai. To determine the future of artificial intelligence. Gavin Newsom Syrian air defense turns against Israeli war plane for targeting Iranian assets bringing down the plane.

Trudeau arrived in San Francisco on Thursday for meetings to discuss possible Canadian investments and business partnerships. Israel responds with a major offensive striking 12 targets supposedly all Iranian in Syria saying they do not what to raise tensions, all this happening while inside sources are saying that PM Netanyahu is to resign Monday and the LA times saying Netanyahu said he will be indicted soon.

He also met with Amazon Chief Executive Jeff Bezos, who’s considering locations for a second headquarters. THE WORLD GOVERNMENT SUMMIT – Dialogues to Shape the Future of Governments & lives of citizens worldwide.

World Government Summit: Technology is driving a radical rethink. In this episode we will take a look at recent events including Trump’s declaration that 200,000 Salvadoran’s must leave the US in 18 months, the shooting at Salvador Castro Middle School.

Exclusive: Watch Elon Musk Freak Out Over the Falcon Heavy Launch.

Equifax Data Breach Larger Than Disclosed, Congress Slams Execs For “Hiding Info From Public”Virgin, 29, Pregnant With 1st Miracle Baby — How She Conceived Without Ever Having Sex NBC Apologizes After Japan Comment Draws Anger in South Korea Abbas To Meet Putin in Moscow Amid Peace Process Impasse Mysterious wind blows down big trees at once in Olympic National Park Washington – Small quake recorded – Weather experts baffled Russian passenger plane crashes near Moscow; 71 dead Large Group Attacks Homeless Man on Subway: NYPD.

A headline posted below yesterday “Christian Indonesians in NJ face deportation”. Israel said it inflicted the most extensive damage on Syria’s air defense system in almost forty years on Saturday.