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Miles explains that his dad wanted to send him off for a bit and tells her that they are "going to spend the summer together after all".

In All I Wanna Do, Miles is seen getting out of a car in France with Winston and teases him about whether or not he can land a French girl.

He is rooming with Winston and Tristan, who absentmindedly checks out Miles while he gets dressed.

Silent (by Maya)Richie Richers (by Grace)Money Bags (by Grace and Zig) Sherlock (by Dallas)Rich Boy (by Zig)Hollingsworth (by Zig)Young Money (by Zig)Weirdo (by Damon)Hot Wheels (by Zoë)Little Boy Blue (by Zoë)Money Bag Miles (by Grace)Bud (by His Dad)Dork (by Zig)Bro (by Esme)Loser (by Tiny)Daddy (by Tristan) Miles David Hollingsworth III is a graduate of Degrassi Community School from the Class of 2016.

He's good-looking and appears to be nothing more than a typical rich bad boy, but looks can be deceiving.

He stops and hands Maya his credit card and tells her the PIN number and watches as the two walk away.

At his house the next day, Miles is seen stealing liquor away from a table. From inside the pool, Miles can be seen watching her as she hurries away from the scene.

By the fourth season of Degrassi: Next Class, Miles officially announces that he is indeed bisexual.