Start Formview fired event itemupdating which

Formview fired event itemupdating which

Take a look at the code below which creates the Item Template.

You also learned how to create custom templates and switch Form View display modes based on the nested events.

In the later articles we will take a look at more features provided by the Form View control.

If you have noticed I have set the command Name property of the edit Link Button to "Edit" so I can catch its event in the Form View Item Command event.

The Item Command event of the Form View is fired whenever any event is generated inside the Form View.

NET 2.0 came out with several cool data bound controls which includes Grid View, Details View and Form View.

I read many articles on the web but almost all of them demonstrated the use of the Form View control with either Sql Data Source or Object Data Source that is why in this article I will demonstrate that how you can use the Form View control with the Data Set as the data source.

Since, there are several Link Buttons inside the Form View control the command Name can be used to distinguish between different events generated inside the Form View through Link Buttons.

Take a look at the code below which switches the Form View control between different modes. Command Name property is "Edit" the Form View mode is changed to Form View Mode. Command Name is "Cancel" then it changes to the "Read Only" mode. Command Name is Update I do not switch to any mode because on update I need to retrieve the values from the Text Boxes and send them to the database to update the data.

I tried setting a breakpoint into the Page_Load event of a control which might have stopped working after my other changes, but the breakpoint is never reached, I think the problem occurs before custom controls are loaded. The developer who wrote the application also has no further ideas what could have happened. " Select Command="SELECT * FROM [Embryonen] WHERE ([Embryo_Id] = @Embryo_Id)" Delete Command="DELETE FROM [Embryonen] WHERE [Embryo_Id] = @Embryo_Id" Insert Command=" a very long SQL INSERT statement" Update Command=" a similarly long SQL UPDATE" (it seems like a "red herring").

You said you removed a User Control from the page, and that is when this got broken.

For the update to work you must get the primary key of the user.