Start Flirt to sexy housewifes

Flirt to sexy housewifes

Plastic surgeon Terry told David he had “lost two months of sleep” because Terry made sexually inappropriate comments to Heather at their hoedown party.

Yes, even housewives have left their i Village chat rooms to join the Facebook ranks.

Daniels tells a story of a guy who played 20 questions with a girl he found on FB.

Sheep throwing was the most popular activity on FB for a while. When I updated my FB status asking friends to send me their thoughts on flirting, one man emailed me the following: “Good question!

Buddies have asked me about my status update, which is always great opener. Not only can you poke some one on FB, but let’s not forget the Super Poke! With the application, you can do things like send someone a hug, kiss, spoon a guy or even throw someone a sheep. that involve biting, dropkicking and bra snapping, you might want to get a bit more serious and start emailing.

So kudos to you guys that support us and our antics! So I went hoping that if I was going to pull an all nighter, not get any sleep, and go straight to work, then dammit, it better be fun. From the moment I linked up with the beauties, it was non-stop laughs!

I felt like a college kid again hitting the road with the ladies.

It might take time, considering it seems like the average person has 500 friends, but go through your friends’ buddies. And worst comes to worst, you make a new FB buddy and we can’t get enough of those.