Start Fill in the blank dating profile

Fill in the blank dating profile

So I kept my initial answer, and then added a handful of other activities I like to do when it’s another night of the week, or when I’m not tired, like going to the movies, having dinner with friends, and attending the improv show.

But I kept going, sticking to my resolve to be brutally honest and authentically myself.

Then I got to the section that asks you to describe what you’re typically doing on a Friday night. On Fridays I love to be home, winding down at the end of the week.

As a writer who writes very personal personal essays, the last thing I want a prospective date to ask me is, “So, what do you write?

” “Well,” I could say, “there’s the piece about how I had an affair with a married man. ” Thinking that a guy could have read my writing makes me feel extremely vulnerable and like the playing field is far from level.

” the words beckoned under the Self Summary section of my brand new, totally blank Ok Cupid profile.

Armed with a Diet Coke and a new resolve, I was actually signing up for online dating, something I hadn’t done in three years.

And that meant no trying to present some hyped-up, enthusiastic dater, all caps image of myself.

It meant being brutally honest at all costs, and most importantly, .

I started by telling little sentence-long stories about myself that would hopefully reveal something about who I am.

Like how happy I feel when an R&B song turns up on a playlist in yoga class.

But brutally honest is brutally honest, so 5’6” it had to be.