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Does radiocarbon dating work wiki

But they can't penetrate very dense materials like lead, which is why you may be given a lead vest for protection in a hospital or laboratory.

The extra energy, or radiation, emitted by radioactive elements comes in three different types: alpha, beta, and gamma.

Alpha radiation is a stream of alpha particles, which are positively charged.

Furthermore, it is not known whether the calendar is specific to the planet Caprica or common to the twelve worlds.

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Events before the Fall are marked as "BCH", or "Before Cylon holocaust".

Given the few and somewhat contradictory dates about the Colonials' ancient history and the exodus from Kobol, that part of the timeline is speculative.

They're fairly large, which means they have a difficult time getting through materials like clothes and paper.

Beta radiation is a stream of beta particles, which are negatively charged.

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These atoms are carbon isotopes, because they are atoms of the same element that have different numbers of neutrons.