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Joel Embiid’s dating life has been the subject of constant discussion, mostly because the Sixers rookie center talks or jokes about it all the time.

A few weeks ago, model Danielle Knudson seemed to be in Philly because she trusts the process, and now another woman has crossed paths with Embiid: Olivia Pierson.

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Singles in Jacksonville may have a harder time finding love than their counterparts in most other cities. 123 out of 150 metropolises in Wallet Hub's list of 2015's best and worst places for dating.

To evaluate the singles scene, the credit-score-tracking company and frequent list publisher rated each city on "dating economics" and "romance and fun." Economic factors included the price of a single-bedroom apartment (Can I live here? And sad singles tired of River City rejection might want to try their luck in nearby hook-up hotspots Orlando (No.

); the cost of eating and drinking out in the city (Can I pick up my date's tab?

); how much it costs to take a taxi (Am I getting home at the end of the night?

); and the cost of beauty salon services (How good am I going to look on this date? The "romance and fun" score is based on practical considerations like the number of single people who live in the city; the number of nightlife options per capita; and how many people own smartphones (Can I swipe right on people in this bar right now? Jacksonville's dismal score isn't the worst among Florida cities.

Vicki Cherco, 58, of Libertyville, Ill., uses one called Our "He was good-looking and funny and nice and thoughtful and paid for everything and asked for my phone number and said he'd like to call me again," she says.

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