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Dating places in chennai

On knowing that Shiva can give a Sudharshana Chakra he started praying to Shiva with 1000 flowers daily.

Links: Location Photos Weblink Arambeswarar Temple at Ilambiankottur Coovum temple and this temple are situated on the opposite banks of the Coovum lake, 7 kms apart on the road side but 3 kms apart across the Cooum lake with its sparkling, clear waters (remember Coovum is a river and this is the source! Shiva at Elimiankottur is said to have been worshipped by the celestial nymph Rambai and hence the name Arambayamkottur, which over a period of time became Ilambayankottur.

Legend also has it that Chandra worshipped Shiva here.

In the Srinivasar shrine, the vigraham of Srinivasar is considered equivalent to the Navabashana idol.