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Dating loopy

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One of his tasks is taking care of a beach house on Craggy Neck, but on this particular day he's not just double booked — he's triple booked.

Seeing as all Teddy has to do, though, is take the lawn furniture and stash it under the deck before a storm comes and wrecks it, he asks the Belcher family if they can pop over to Craggy Neck and do the deed for him.

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Of course they can, because Linda wants a mini-vacation and what better place to go to than Craggy Neck, the Belchers' version of the Hamptons?

Everything is great and only semi-illegal and vacation-y until Linda and Louise stumble upon a cold case. The Highlight Reel Teddy's still a giant stress bomb waiting to happen because he's never learned his lesson about eating healthy and exercising.

(He doesn’t know what "to go" means, either.) Thank God for the Belchers — otherwise this world probably wouldn't know Teddy.

(I know that's morbid, but come on, if I didn't say it, Michelle Obama would.) Bob takes painkillers and turns into a truth-spilling idiot.

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