Start Dating cancerian men

Dating cancerian men

The sun at your birth, which stands for ego self and your inner light and authenticity, may be in say, Pisces, for example, but your Venus, which stands for your tastes, desires and material needs, may be in Aries.

Scorpios are snakes, devious and cold-hearted and fake.

Capricorns are bastards but I respect them, most of the time. Hmm, I'd say my worst sign is probably Libra, because they bring out the worst in me. None, because there are no astrological signs any more than there are alien abductions or reincarnations of the Dalai Lama or Sorrowful Mysteries. Your birth has fuck all to do with distant planets, stars, asteroids, comets, nebulae, galaxies, meteors, asteroids and other space debris.

I wonder how many of the people saying this are Taurus, Aries or Sag then. There's a type of virgo that is so nitpicky/critical about the smallest detail. Can't believe Leo is getting such a bad rep as compared to Aries. Cancer are prickly and needy and only make good friends. Libras are always attracted to me, and always seem to turn me off with their feminine energy.

May born Gemini in particular are as loopy and narcissistic as they come. Eventually they find a Sagittarius who they mysteriously manage to mate for life. I knew one guy who always talked about how he was sooo empathetic.

The natal chart also includes something called aspects, which measures the distances and angles planets make to each other at the time of your birth.

That Pisces Sun, for instances, would make as 'sextile' angle to that Aries Venus meaning the two planets are in adjacent signs, and their energies blend easily. I've unfortunately been friend dumped a fair few times, usually by Gemini, Taureans and Librans, but the only times I've done the dumping have been to a Leo, and to two Capricorns.

Virgo need to have order, stability and perfection at all times, which is incredibly draining for Aquarians and Pisceans. Such deceitful liars Funny how most of the people saying "Aries" are Aries themselves, haha. The self-awareness of Leo tends to manifest as self-consciousness.