Start Dating archaeological deposits

Dating archaeological deposits

As you can see from the below masterpiece, they recently finished.

This is a much more exciting discovery than it might initially seem.

The doorway matches with the entrance on the opposite end of the building revealed in 2013, and an internal doorway excavated in 2014.

We had a tricky summer because of the weather, but we’re happy to be able to say that we think we have answered all the questions we came back to Lyminge to answer – even if we did get a bit wet doing it!

The photo below looks north along the end wall of the timber hall, with one of the red and white ranging poles positioned parallel to the wall trench and the shorter one indicating the width.

Thank you to all those who volunteered their precious time – because of all our community and student volunteers, our dig was an amazing success. The Timber Hall trench was particularly interesting.

We wanted to open a small trench that would show us the exact length of the east-west oriented timber hall discovered in 2013 and excavated primarily in 2014.

You’ll notice a vertical scale bar positioned inside a pit.