Start Dating ads in newspapers london

Dating ads in newspapers london

One particular phenomena that benefited from the advent of newspaper advertisements was the tradition of Leap Year Proposals.

It was quite surprising then, for people to publicly mention their involvement with a matrimonial agency, like this couple in the April 26, 1903 edition of The Sunday Oregonian.

These advertisements didn’t always lead to happy endings, unfortunately.

Much like today, there were no guarantees that an advertisement would lead to a successful union or, if one of the correspondents was particularly cunning, even lead to a successful meeting.

The Morning Oregonian from November 24, 1903 tells the sad story of a tailor, waiting fruitlessly for his paramour to appear.

Of course there have always been those particular youth who are bolder and more independent than their peers.

These brave souls took it upon themselves to post their own personal ads without the help of matrimonial agencies.

Seems to be quite common to have dating ads in the local newspaper nowadays with a description and phone number.