Start Dating a fender telecaster body

Dating a fender telecaster body

Their 5-year business plan was based on increasing Fender’s marketplace presence with dramatic quality improvement and greater commitment to research and development.

That same year, Fender introduced a revolutionary new invention—the Precision Bass guitar.

It was played like a guitar and had frets so that it could be played with “precision,” and it could be amplified, thus liberating bassists from unwieldy and increasingly difficult-to-hear acoustic basses.

Among other things, FMIC purchased the name, intellectual property and some leftover parts.

Leo Fender wanted to craft an instrument that was as functional as it was easy to use.

The Stratocaster first appeared in 1954, incorporating many design innovations based on feedback from professional musicians, Fender staff and Leo Fender himself.

Its third single-coil pickup offered more tonal possibilities, its sleekly contoured body made it more comfortable, and its double cutaway design made access to upper registers much easier.

In 1951 he introduced a prototype solid-body instrument that would eventually be called the Telecaster® guitar.