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In the first place we should mention Marin Drzic (1508-1567), who is one of the most outstanding names of the European Renaissance literature, a predecessor to Molire's comedy and Shakespeare's drama (Molire 1622-1673, Shakespeare 1564-1616).

In 1461 he obtained permission from Veliko Vijece (City Council) to keep a hotel with five beds. Cited from [Zlata Blazina Tomic & Vesna Blazina] The first known opera in Croatia was performed in Dubrovnik in 1629, composed by Lambert Courtoys junior.

He wrote that he was from Dubrovnik, which was a Croatian city (de Ragusio quae civitas est in Charvatia).

Literature written in Croatian flourished in Dubrovnik.

"Tractatus de Ecclesia", written by Ivan Stojkovic de Corvatia (or Iohannes de Carvatia, also known as Jean de Raguse, 1390/95-1443), a professor at the University of Paris, was the first systematic tractate about the Church in the history of Catholic theology.