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Some hang out at malls, bus stops or near schools, where they look for specific character traits in their victims: low self-esteem, a troubled life or someone who is in need of love and attention.

Neely worked as a youth minister and promoted abstinence in local schools with her church group.

We welcome people amidst all of this sexual immorality.” WHAT IS HUMAN SEX TRAFFICKING? They threaten to hurt you or your child or your pet if you leave. “People want to believe that women thriving in prostitution are not exploited and don’t face any violence,” said Alexis Kennedy, associate professor in UNLV’s Department of Criminal Justice .

Sex trafficking in Nevada is defined as the inducing or forcing of a person to engage in prostitution. “I’ve interviewed buyers, and they said they didn’t give it any thought.

“The victim is usually fearful to speak out against her abuser because he’ll threaten her by saying he’ll kill her or her loved ones.” “Pimping is like domestic violence — it’s hard to see what’s happening behind closed doors,” Kennedy added.