Start Building dating from the beginning of

Building dating from the beginning of

Both sides have to reach out in order to meet each other.

It’s a zoomed-in picture because it’s not meant to replace the simplicity or truth of seeing relationships as pictured in Figure 1.

In the early stages of a relationship, the connection can frequently involve some sort of exchange, even if it may take a little creativity to see what’s being swapped. I might connect briefly with a bank teller to deposit a check, but we don’t really need a relationship to get that done.

Swapping my check for a deposit receipt is obviously a transaction, but you can also see how your reading this post has that transactional feel too; I write and post it, you click and read it and in the process we’ve exchanged my writing for your attention.

Both parties must extend a hand in order to make contact.

The connection has a beginning and an end and these are usually pretty close to each other in time.

I might be able to get you to pick up the phone, answer the door or open my email but I can’t force you to have a relationship with me.

In fact, there’s a word for having a relationship with someone who doesn’t have one with you; it’s called .

Connections can dead-end and fail to blossom into relationships for a number of reasons.