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Birthday gift dating

Again, it must be this love Charlotte carries with her.

This is a love that doesn’t come around as often as it should.

We are all aware of the beautiful things Charlotte has said and done over her lifetime, but there is one particular thing I’ve seen Charlotte do that I think best exemplifies who she is; when Charlotte gets really excited about something, she does what can almost be described as a little dance.

We recently planted an organic orchard in her honor at Wild Willow Farm.

The gift was such a lovely unexpected surprise, Charlotte was overwhelmed with joy, and even a bit teary-eyed.

She wrote a book about her recovery on the Gerson Therapy, called I am just one of many-many people who wouldn’t be alive today without Charlotte’s heroic work and gentle but firm care.

I’ve had first-hand experience of her extraordinary gift to turn a frightened, hopeless and forlorn sick person into a purposeful, determined individual who is willing and able to fight and work for survival, following the straight and narrow path of the Gerson Therapy.

I celebrate Charlotte for having demonstrated that one person, moreover a woman, without big money, political power or friends in high places CAN achieve the impossible, against heavy odds, by sheer determination and a passionate belief in the rightness of her cause.

Imagine for a moment Charlotte way back in the late 70’s, all alone, with her father’s book as her sole weapon and anchor – and look at the result of her work today, the multitude of people, past and present patients, helper, volunteers, staff, trainees, trainers, caregivers, all linked by a common cause. But not your ordinary love like we have for those close to us, although this is an important love too.

Candace Vanderhoff presented Charlotte with the design for the entrance to the orchard, which will be created from upcycled mattress box springs and wood: Charlotte has a charming innate sense of humility, and at the end of the evening, sternly insisted that we were making too much of a fuss over her.

The brilliant growing smile on her face, though, told another story.

We asked our friends and supporters to send in video birthday greetings for Charlotte, which we compiled into a video birthday card for Charlotte, along with old video clips and even home videos dating back to the 1940s!