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“I love taking the coast up there if I’ve got a slow day,” she says. She is part of the Fox NFL Sunday team and she recently hosted “The Sexiest Moments of 2008” on Howard TV On Demand, which is Howard Stern’s on-demand cable channel.

That was the last car I had – I traded it in for this. “I couldn’t afford it, I was like, ‘I don’t need AC, it’s Canada who the f-k needs AC?

It was crazy fast.”Reynolds’ husband Grant has a 1970 Dodge Super Bee. People love musclecars and I think when they see a chick driving it and then if they recognize you, they’re like, ‘No way, you drive a muscle car? Reynolds gives the musclecar an 8 rating, but she didn’t like getting that kind of attention. First car Reynolds landed an on-air job with Canada’s Weather Network and bought a brand new 1991 Honda Civic CRX, sans air conditioning, for $14,000 in Montreal.“It was a unremarkable car, it was pretty reliable, but nothing fancy about it at all. Although she drove the CRX down to Miami, once she got there, she got rid of it quickly because she needed a car with air conditioning. I’m like, ‘I’ll drive and they’re like, ‘Pass.'” It was Canadian — AC was an option up there. ’ And of course I get gig in Miami six months later like an idiot.”When she landed the job at the Fox station in Miami, it launched her career.

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“I frickin’ love this car,” she says effervescently.

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