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At the very same moment, Private Albert Willingham of the Parachute Regiment performed an act of supreme gallantry and threw himself on top of the pair of them, taking the full – and fatal - brunt of the blast.

One person who never misses these events is Sophie Lambrechtsen.

She was one of the original flower children in 1945, having spent the entire battle under enemy fire in the family home, which served as a makeshift hospital.

One can only imagine what it meant to those distraught loved ones, few of whom could afford international travel, to know that someone far away was tending their boy’s grave.

‘Randall Martin was at her bedside the very next day,’ said Sophie.

Clutching her nine-year-old son, Bertje Voskuil could only sit in terrified silence among the wounded soldiers hiding in the cellar.

Up above, vicious fighting raged from room to room.

‘Those days have shaped my entire life and way of thinking,’ she told me.