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Anarchist speed dating

Seriously though, good to see an article about anarchism - it's grossly mis/under-represented in the media, and even a light subject like this is better than it being stuck within the pages of indymedia.

Proceedings at the Cross Kings - a boozer in an as-yet un-gentrified corner of north London - will be overseen by a dominatrix known as Miss Scarlett L'amour.

There will be no segregation by gender, out of respect to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender attendees.

It is, nonetheless, quite a change of tone for an organisation which, during the 1980s, staged "Bash the Rich" marches through Kensington, Hampstead and Henley-on-Thames, with supporters carrying banners proclaiming: "Behold your future executioners." But just as the anarchist heroine Emma Goldman famously insisted that she didn't want to be part of the revolution if she couldn't dance, her ideological descendants are equally reluctant to be part of any struggle that won't let them look for love.

And the very incongruity of the event is what inspired Pinki, the 26-year-old social worker and Class War activist who jointly came up with the idea.

Think about it, bankers - everyone hates you, thinks you smell, and no-one listens. Ale Fernandez, Bristol, UK Proof of the "Anarchists just need a hug" theory?

Alex Chesser, Southend Anarchy is the rebellion against society, society is the rebellion against anarchy.

"I find myself in quite a lot of trouble, so he'd need to be able to stick up for me," she smiles. He doesn't mind if that somebody is "a boy or a girl, as long as they're pretty".