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The Logitech Brio is also the first webcam in it's product line to switch to a USB 3.x Type-C port on the back of the camera housing and allows interchangeable cables.

Although the Mac compatible Brio web camera features an infrared IR sensor on the camera face, it's unclear if or when any facial recognition software for Mac OSX will be available or written to take advantage of it.

Somewhat like the C922 with it's bundled XSplit and Personify apps that are Windows only, Macintosh users will be slightly underserved.

It seems in the latest version of Logitech's webcam app, background removal is supported on the Brio.

Visually it features an apparently darker black casing and white LED accent rings around it's face.

Unless you don't need or want the tripod, watch online prices for the webcam very closely: I've seen the model with the free webcam tripod selling for less than the X-model without it. It's just about Branding, Product ID's and SKU markings.

Confused about the differences between the Mac compatible Logitech C910 and B910 models of web cameras? Although Logitech has discontinued both, the B910 model still widely available at a reasonable price. Logitech has a 'Business - B' division for Unified Communications peripherals and a 'Consumer - C' division.

For Apple users, system specifications for the Logitech Meetup conferencing camera start with Mac OSX 10.10 Yosemite on up through the latest Mac OS Sierra.