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Adult dating game game game game game hentaigames sex sex

You may play the game and imagine yourself in the shoes of alien sex games heroes always eager to fuck.

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Virtual Call (If you drove D home) • Give it to her ( 3FP) ( 1LP) • Talk about the job • Virtual Kiss o Choose your favorite part  • Plans for tomorrow • Remove Bra • Remove panties • Masturbate • Faster Dad’s Hotel Room (If you took D to the hotel) • Talk about the job • Plans for tomorrow • Massage o Massage Boobs o Massage her ass o Keep massaging her ass • Watch TV o Keep watching • Kiss her o Choose your favorite part  o Touch her boobs ( 1 boobs point) o Touch her ass ( 1 ass point) • Remove her bra • Go down • Remove her panties • Kiss her • Lick or Bite her nipple • Kiss her belly • Rub her clit • Finger her o Faster • Add another finger o Faster • Kiss her ( 1LP) • Cum on her breasts  • Wash your favorite part  o Wash boobs ( 1 boobs point) On the Street • Give it to her ( 3FP) ( 1LP) F’s Room • Stay in bed a little longer. • Answer the phone • Choose F Photography Studio • Enter the studio • Buy the membership (Available if you have the severance pay.

It also gives you an extra clothing set when D has her first photoshoot later in the game) F’s Room • Open the door • Kiss her o Cop a feel Lunch • Kiss her o Touch her thigh or Touch her boobs ( 1EXH) • Talk about the food • Talk about Cassandra • Kiss Her o Cop a Feel or Touch her thigh ( 1EXH) o Stop o NOTE: If you choose to continue, you’ll get an extra 1EXH but you’ll need to have 10EXH points otherwise D will get mad at you and you’ll lose -10LP.

o If D wins the contest, Elena and you will pick something special for her later in the game.

If F wins the contest, D and E will pick something special for you later in the game.

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Daughter’s Room • Wake up • Get up • Have a bath o Turn the radio on o Lay down on the bed • Remove the towel • Start masturbating o Faster At The Airport • Go to the hotel • Go find Daughter On the Street • Get out of the car • Pull over • Kiss Her o Touch her boobs ( 1LP) ( 1 boobs point) • Drive her home: She won’t visit your hotel room and you will have a virtual chat with her that evening.