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Accommodating physically impaired classroom

We turn the corner of the edifice to reach the open courtyard at the end opposite the shrine.

Moyca Newell and Harry Hubert Field, the one for her constant and invaluable collaboration, the other for a helpfulness, both in India and here, beyond either limit or thanks. Black of face she is, with a monstrous lolling tongue, dripping blood.

For this reason the manuscript of this book has not been submitted to any member of the Government of India, nor to any Briton or Indian connected with official life. Pilgrims from far and near, with whom the shrine is always crowded, make money offerings. And the innumerable booths that shoulder each other up and down the approaches, booths where sweetmeats, holy images, marigold flowers, amulets, and votive offerings are sold, bring in a sound income.

It has, however, been reviewed by certain public health authorities of international eminence who are familiar with the Indian field. Rapidly cleaving a way through the coming and going mass of the devotees, Mr. A high platform, roofed and pillared, approached on three sides by tiers of steps of its own length and width.

] It would be a great pleasure to thank, by name, the many persons, both Indian and English, who have so courteously facilitated my access to information, to records, and to those places and things that I desired to see for myself. His English was polished and his manner entirely agreeable.