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The film is not easy to categorise; it is not only enigmatic but beautifully filmed with deeply poetic imagery. Past the visuals and a few interesting interactions between characters, there is not much to this movie at all.

In the latest episode: Arielle Kebbel dishes on how she told her parents about her Fifty Shades Freed role, and Black Panther stars name the real-life heroes that inspired their characters.

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It's just a bunch of weird stuff happening to kids with no explanation at all.

This movie seems to rely heavily on visuals or on being an "artsy" film rather than having an engaging or fulfilling story, obviously.

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Nicolas is a boy living on a remote island set in the future, or another planet - or is it a dream?

His village consists of white-painted houses located above the sea with a volcanic rock and black sand coastline, populated by young women and boys all of a similar age to Nicolas.

I am a sucker for good cinematography/visuals, but the movie has to be impressive in other ways too!

This movie was very unsatisfying and it's sadly not the first movie I've seen like this.

It has you asking a ton of questions and there is build up/tension as the movie progresses, but in the end there is hardly closure.