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This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights for Play Station 2.

Entire offline Careers can be transferred to the online realm, where the competition is even more fast and furious due to real drivers being behind each and every wheel. everything's on the line, so I wanted to make sure my inevitable victims had no chance of mistaking the identity of the stud racer soon to be drifting circles around them.

Any gamer who's customized a player character in almost any game won't find anything too new here.

It's actually difficult to keep your car straight, which is important in the Drift Obliterator events where you need to actually cross the finish line first. While both mechanics act predictably and you can quickly get used to them, that doesn't mean that they're good.

But at the same time, they do work and don't really ever get in the way of your driving.

You'll immediately notice issues with the game's control system.

There are two distinct driving mechanics - racing and drifting.

The process starts by choosing one of several pre-created types; from there, almost any characteristic can be altered to the player's liking.

Choose a nose and morph it; choose eye shape, placement, and color; select hairdo and edit its structure and color.

For instance, the Driver DNA system doesn't really work all that well.

The idea here is that you can swing a number of your racing styles (and those of the AI drivers) from being red hot, a.k.a. One of the issues with this system is that it doesn't seem to have an impact on how well anyone performs.

For instance, one goal might be to win a $25,000 bet against a certain racer, while another is to amass an airtime of 6 seconds in a race while another is to simply win a single circuit event.